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Architectural Change Requests

Date: May 23, 2023


It is mandatory that each homeowner submit a completed Architectural form online & gain approval from the Architectural Committee prior to commencing many types of work on the exterior of your property within Highland Creek Manor. To facilitate the submission of your request, log on to owner.sbbmanagement.com, sign on with your credentials, (or create your log in and password if you are a 1st time user). Once signed on, your DASHBOARD will appear. Within the DASHBOARD you will find the heading “Documents”. Click to open. Review the Design Guidelines under documents to locate the subheading that governs your requested modification.

Then open the “Forms” heading and complete the Architectural Form & save it to your computer. Add pictures of sample materials if required. Open the “My Items” section of your Dashboard. Select “Submit an Architectural Request”, upload your saved file. Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click submit.

Your request will be routed to SBB Architectural intake software & then routed to your local volunteer committee. Completed Requests with “All” necessary info needed for the type of work (based on the Design Guidelines) can usually be decided within 5 business days once our HOA Committee receives them, even though we have 30 days to render a decision for completed requests. Incomplete information will NOT get approval until all information has been provided. Blank Request forms will be denied.

Do this well in advance of scheduling a contractor for a good experience. We need everyone to follow the governing HOA documents so that no one receives a Violation which would result in fines if compliance standards set forth are ignored.

Thank You for Your Attention to This Important Community Matter

Highland Creek Manor HOA

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