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Legislative Action Alert

Date: May 11, 2023

*Highlighted below is our representative is Mihaela Plesa.

NDNA would like to share some key information with you regarding bills that are currently pending in the Texas Senate and House. The bills are:

  • SB 1787/HB 3921
  • HB 3169
  • SB 1412/HB 2789

Some of these bills would allow property owners of "normal sized lots" to build multiple Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADUs) on a single property. All of the bills are “preemptive” in nature. That simply means that any zoning currently in place in Dallas or other municipalities would be overridden by state control. A worst case example is that you currently live in a single- or multi-family zoned area which has certain protections. If these bills pass, Dallas could do nothing to protect you from having multiple “houses” on lots near you or you could even end up with an industrial development in your backyard.

Please call or email your Senators and Representatives and ask them to vote AGAINST these bills. Below are the contacts from the North Texas area. You can call them all, even if you are not in each person’s district.

SD 16 Nathan Johnson 512-463-0116, Nathan.Johnson@senate.texas.gov

SD 23 Royce West 512-463-0123 Royce.west@senate.texas.gov 


HD 4 Keith Bell (R) 512-463-0458 Keith.Bell@house.texas.gov

HD 33 Justin Holland (R) 512-463-0484 Justin.Holland@house.texas.gov

HD 65 Kronda Thimesch(R) 512-463-0478 Kronda.thimesch@house.texas.gov

HD 66 Matt Shaheen (R) 512-463-0594Matt.Shaheen@house.texas.gov

HD70 Mihaela Plesa (D) 512-463-0356 Mihaela.Plesa@house.texas.gov

HD 89 Candy Noble (R)512-463-0186 Candy.Noble@house.texas.gov

HD100 Venton Jones (D) 512-463-0586 Venton.Jones@house.texas.gov

HD102 Ana-Maria Ramos (D) 512-463-0454 Ana-Maria.Ramos@house.texas.gov

HD103 Rafael Anchia (D) 512-463-0746 Rafael.Anchia@house.texas.gov

HD104 Jessica Gonzalez (D)512-463-0408 Jessica.Gonzalez@house.texas.gov

HD107 Victoria Neave Criado (D) 512-463-0244 Victoria.Neave@house.texas.gov

HD108 Morgan Meyer (R) 512-463-0367 Morgan.Meyer@house.texas.gov

HD109 Carl O. Sherman Sr. (D) 512-463-0953 Carl.Sherman@house.texas.gov

HD110 Toni Rose (D) 512-463-0664 Toni.Rose@house.texas.gov

HD111 Yvonne Davis (D) 512-463-0598 Yvonne.Yavis@house.texas.gov

HD112 Angie Chen Button (R) 512-463-0486 Angie.Button@house.texas.gov

HD113 Rhetta Andrews Bowers (D) 512-463-0464 Rhetta.Bowers@house.texas.gov

HD114 John Bryant (D) 512-463-0576 John.Bryant@house.texas.gov

HD115 Julie Johnson (D) 512-463-0468 Julie.Johnson@house.texas.gov

Thanks for taking the time to consider actively opposing these bills.

As always, NDNA seeks to keep you informed and respects your right to your own opinion/action.


Cookie Peadon

President NDNA

Highland Creek Manor HOA

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